Hey, I’m brandi!

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Auntie. Friend. << Yes to all of that.

Oh! And I am also a family and wedding photographer!

I believe my photography journey is an evolving process and if i'm not learning every day how to get better than I have no business doing this at all. Stopping time for every client [my own family included] and making that one split second last forever is why I do this.

When I’m not behind the camera, I’m eating tacos, riding a ferry boat, or at one of my kid’s sports events.

If you think we'll be a good fit - send me a message! I'd love to hear from you.

f: brandi howell photography
ig: @brandihowellphoto

That’s when you need someone
Someone that you, you can call
When all your faith is gone
And it feels like you can’t go on
Let it be me
Let it be me
If it’s a friend that you need
Let it be me
Let it be me
— ray lamontagne