2015 is YOUR year!

i hope the first 6 days of 2015 have been incredible for you, full of new beginnings and adventures.

what's in store this year...? i've asked and asked that question over and over again. my answer every single time is the same. even if it takes a second to get there, it always circles back to one thing -- hope. 

as i welcome the new year with open arms, i'm also vibrantly saying goodbye to so much from the last year.

goodbye doubt.
goodbye fear.
goodbye haste.
goodbye anger.
goodbye distraction.
goodbye disbelief.

i know, that's a lot of "goodbyes". 2014 held an abundance of emotions needing to be shed. it also came with a myriad of blessings as well. countless. i am graciously escorting those joys into 2015 and asking for them to incessantly rain down on my year.

of course though, with "goodbyes" come "hellos". so what am i saying hello to this year?

hello to a stonger faith.
hello to more playdates with my kids.
hello to more dates with the man of my dreams.
hello to swinging for the fences.
hello to saying "yes" to the things that really matter.
hello to chasing dreams.
hello to 110%.
hello to reverie.
hello to unbridled love.

what's your 2015 going to be like?


Brandi Howell1 Comment